25 January 2015

Wow! Has it been a while!??   Time flies when you're teaching, momming and stuff!
The 100th day is right around the corner.  I am wracking my brain, trying to think of a fun, non-sugary fun way to make it an awesome day!  Our district is pretty strict with the wellness policy.  *sigh*
There goes the 100 scoops of ice cream activity I imagined....Maybe we will eat 100 carrots or something! ;)  I need some healthy and fun ideas please!!
 I did mosey on over to Cara Carrol's, The First Grade Parade and saw she has a bevy of SUPER ideas and get this... it's FREE!  (love her!)
I have been on my computer all morning, drinking coffee, creating products for TPT and all I can hear in the background is..
DEFLATE GATE!!  This is serious stuff guys!! ;)  (NOT)
I think they should talk about the positive things these guys are doing.  Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, Lynch, Brady, (etc. Those are the only guys I know. ;)
Either way, it'll be a great game.  (GO HAWKS!) ;)
Happy Sunday.  (The Bachelor Eve for you Bachelor lovers!)


04 January 2015

Last day of break (I say in my best Eeyore voice.)
 I am frantically baking cookies topped with red and green leftover M & Ms just to capture that last feeling of the holidays before it's gone for another 361 more days.  *sigh*
There goes the resolution to eat less sugar.  Oh well, there's always next year! 
Kagan training tomorrow at work.  I'm actually really excited about that.  Plus, I get to stop by Starbucks on the way to work to get a little extra caffeine.   Ya know, I have to pretend I can sit still for 8 hours.  That's super hard for teachers and people like me, with ADD.  

I will be sure to take some pictures of my classroom.  Before and After, of course.  Before the students arrive, when it's all clean and germ free.  And after, once my little muffins come back to learn, laugh and just be kids!!  I have missed them so much.  
Signing off here with a favorite quote and a picture of how I'll start tomorrow off right!
One more thing, I just posted an ABC Order product on TPT, which is pretty darn cool and everyone should run out and get one for your classroom.  Who doesn't love a good ABC order printable? ;)
Happy almost Monday.  


01 January 2015

Here's a link to my TPT store.... (until I can get the gadget posted on the right)

Greetings from sunny Florida!  This is my very first post (other than Facebook :), so here it goes!!
Happy New Year y'all!  I am counting down the days of my coffee drinking, house cleaning, kid loving' vacation.  I know, I know, this picture looks like I'm on vacation everyday.  BUT, when you live here, you just take this beauty for granted, unfortunately.  I am making a new year's resolution in front of my 6 followers, that I will pretend I'm on vacation more often!
So, enjoy my new blog.  Share ideas, positivity and whatever else will help make the world a better place!
PS.  Oh yes,  forgot to introduce myself:  My name is Angie Harwell.  I have 3 kids, a husband, a dog and a cat.   I have taught first grade for 6 years now.  I have also dabbled in Pre-k, kindergarten and second.  I do love teaching primary. I just started selling on TPT and thought it would be fun to....well, when in Rome.  Okay,  thanks for listening.  I will be posting fun teaching ideas.  I also cook and secretly wish I had my own Food Network show.  Perhaps , I will post some food pictures as well.