14 September 2015


Are you ready for some football?? Dancing With the Stars?

Layton would say yes to the first line.  And OH HE_ _ NO to the second one.  Actually, I've see him sneak a peek at my DWTS when he thinks I'm not watching him.  He secretly wishes he could shake it with those super buff dancers!!
Too bad.  You're stuck with Aharwelltheteachermom who could probably use the DWTS diet!

I'm going to have to type quickly, because I don't want to miss the Season Premiere!!  I'm not invested in the contestants yet, so I need to go 'get to know them'.  :)

Honestly, I really don't watch too much TV.  But I have my must watch shows:  Here they are in no particular order....
DWTS  (Dancing With the Stars)
Grey's Anatomy
The Bachelor

That's about it.  I'll throw in a Big Brother (super cheesy, but mindless entertainment)
and a Jeopardy here and there.  I AM the current Jeopardy champ (in my household).  Whattt??? 

Oh yeah, I'll catch the first 5 minutes of Entertainment Tonight or E! News.  That's all you need is the first 5 minutes.  After that, it's just the same old Kardashian selfies and sightings crap.  
Subject:  TPT 

I worked on my Writing FREEBIE over the weekend, but..... it's still in progress.    I want to add some finishing touches....(like pages 17-25)!! 
Being a mom of three kids, and a full time teacher makes me a little tired.   This is what I look like by 7 pm every night (minus the tailored suit and perfect makeup).   However, I fight the fatigue and stay up with one eye open, like a warrior, until 11pm or later every school night! 
 Wow!  This lady looks much more put together.  

I have gotten up and down at least 37 times during this blog post.  So much for DWTS!  
Between cooking burgers on the grill, whipping up a fabulous sweet potato salad, corn on the cob, and baked beans, signing reading logs, letting the dog out (in the rain), and many other interesting daily duties.  I  guess it will have to be DVR'd.  Is that a word??  DVR'd...??
Well you know what I mean.  Taped, recorded...TEVO'd!!
I'm super ADD, which is great for multi-tasking, but horrible for focusing.

Which brings me to my last point..tomorrow's my BIRTHDAY!! 

Thank you for stopping by!  Goodnight friends! 
Psalms 84:10

07 September 2015

Southern (Florida) Living

In honor of receiving my new issue of Southern Living magazine, I decided to replicate the apple cake on their cover!  Okay, replicate is a strong word!  
My kids wondered why mine didn't look like the cover. 
 "It's because mine is more natural and rustic looking!"  I told them.  
It really was delish!  Even my (mostly carb free) husband ate some! 

By the way, I always start my diet on the same day!
I'm kind of surprised that I even found my pots and pans
 to cook this masterpiece in!
We just moved houses last weekend.  I am SO happy the move is behind us!
Now we can spend time unpacking and trying to find matching socks and clean underwear! ;)

My husband loves the new house, well living room to be exact.  (He's from North Carolina, so he calls it a 'den' (said with a very southern drawl, which sounds like 'dan' from this
 Michigan grown girl.)  It's super cute tho....
He can't wait to hang up his 3D TV over his big screen TV!  Oh, and  I must be feeling really nice, because I even told him that he could hang his Torry Holt jerseys in that living room! 
 Crazy yes.  But Torry would be proud.  
I will try to let him enjoy his man cave and try not to look too closely at his mess  stuff. 
 (At least until football season is over.  Oh and basketball season.  
Then it'll be time for some spring cleaning Mr. Harwell!)
Goodbye Torry, hello eBay.  Who wants to buy a jersey?  J/k 

I'm also trying to squeeze in some time to create resources for my classroom!  (And then sell on TPT once I get it just right!)  I'm working on writing center prompts that include pictures, a word bank, writing lines and a reminder to check for capitals, punctuation, complete sentences and spacing.
So check back for those next week!  I'm using them in my writing center starting tomorrow!
I want my students to enjoy going to the writing center and getting creative! 
My boys actually choose writing center at choice time!  I love it!
Click on my store name below to see check out my resources that I use now!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy (almost) Fall! 

Ps.  My 14 year old son, Ben, 'proofread' this blog.  He prefaced it with, "is it full of dumb mom jokes?"  Then after he read it, he said, 'it's good mom.  I'm proud of you.' 
 Whether he was kidding or not, I'll take it! :) 

Romans 8:28