26 August 2015

New design alert!! (And a Freebie!)

This is my first blog post with my new fancy blog design!!  Eeeeekk!  I love it!  It's shabby chic meets simple mom.  Thank you to my designer, Laine Sutherland from, A Little Peace of Africa!
She is simply talented!  
Now I'm BIG TIME! Okay, not really, but now I can have Linky Parties and Blog Hop and do all the things that real other bloggers do ! ;)  

So, I am 8 days deep into teaching first grade....I promised myself that this year I would 
spend the first few weeks REALLY teaching and practicing procedures, rules and routines.  It needs to be first priority.
Yes, we need to remind them to flush the toilet, wash their hands (with soap and water), and other fun topics to keep the classroom  ***and toilet*** running smoothly!!

My intern, the beautiful Christina, helped the students brainstorm good classroom rules.  We did this on Day 2. 
So by Day 3 (or maybe it was Day 4...insert very tired face)....
I presented the class with a revised version of the rules.  
Now they will behave perfectly!!  (Right??) 

Grab it here for FREE! :)

If you use it and like it, please leave positive feedback!!  Thanks!! 

Each day with my new babies runs a little more smoothly!  Having set expectations from Day 1  Day 2, is super important!  I have some energetic boys and I will be working hard to channel their energy in a positive and productive direction!!  

My brain is getting foggy.  I think I need a 'brain break'.  Thank you for stopping by! 
Grab your FREEBIE and have a fabulous year!!

Matthew 6:33

02 August 2015

 B2S Sale

Sale starts tomorrow!  Yay! 
 I can't wait for people to see what I have in my store! 
AND.... I am even MORE excited to buy resources from my favorite peeps!!

   Cara Carroll   and Babbling Abby