18 December 2015

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Fri...

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Fri...: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee... : Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee...

Five for Wednesday  Friday!!

Soooo. I'm so very tired and feel like I'm going to pass out...so I figured I'll start my 'Five for Friday' on Wednesday.  Yes.  Today is Wednesday.  It's quiet for a minute.  The kids and husband are not home and all is quiet.  And nooowwwww. the animals are fighting.

There they are.  Brothers from another mother.  Cute.  But I need quiet.  It's been a long week.  Also, my air conditioning unit stopped working tonight.  Yes... my air.  I live in Florida.  We don't celebrate snowstorms here.  So, I must sit very still at my hot laptop and not have to get up to break up fights.  Thanks Chewy
 and Finn! 
I adore my students.  I really do.  However, some of my students  just do not remember how to follow rules during this festive time of year!   Grrrr..  
Certain ones struggle with, how to listen for more than 2 and half seconds and think it's okay to shout out everything that pops into their head!  
January = start RULES from scratch.  I may be adding some new rules....like, DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE WHEN I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU! ;)
or better yet, get a tissue!!  We could even throw in, And don't even think about eating it!!!!  

Which leads us to this perfect little freebie.  Here you go... CLASSROOM RULES, (in case you need to review).  ;)
You're welcome.  
There will be many memories made over the break.  My students love to talk about their weekend,  winter break, etc. So why not put it on paper!? 
I have created this 'Snapshots of Winter Break' packet.  It's ideal for grades k-2, but could be used for third as well.  You can grab yourself one here!

This will be perfect when you return after the winter break! (Not that you're even thinking that far ahead!!:)  But...I know us teachers can't go 2 weeks without planning!

POOF!  It's Friday!  The magic of technology.  I wrote the first part of this on Wednesday and now I'm finishing this off, just in the 'St. Nick 'of time! (cheesy Christmas play on words #exhaustedhumor) 

As a teacher, mom, wife, sister, friend, (the list goes on)...I often get so caught up in getting caught up!!!  So, last night, I got to watch my daughter dance.  (Parent observation week in her dance class.)
 The rat race stopped for a few minutes as I watched her dance to Bruno Mars', Talking to the Moon. 
*sigh* Just precious! Thank you God! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  Thanks for stopping by!
Also, a huge shout out and thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up!  

Luke 2: 1-20

21 November 2015

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee...

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee...: Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this weekend is just  one long fall break to me!! Let's get this party started! ...
Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this weekend is just  one long fall break to me!!
Let's get this party started!

I went to Seattle a few days ago and what do I  remember?? The coffee!!  Yes, the Seahawks, Space Needle, rain, all those things impressed me. But, this work of art was as delicious as it was pretty!  #coffeetalk

The Public Market.   Can you even believe that this bouquet was ten dollars!!!??? 
 Merry Christmas to me!! This picture doesn't even do these flowers justice.  It's worth the 5 hour airplane ride just to get these for $10.  

So, I got these cool lasery finger lights for my reading groups!  I will do ANYTHING to make them read!!  My students absolutely LOVED these!!  I bought them at World Market for around $5.  Last month, witch fingers, this month finger lights.   Next month, who knows?? Maybe reindeer paws.  hee hee... 

 Every year I push all the tables together and gather my first grade family around for some of 
 Mrs. Harwell's home  school cooking!  I'm telling you, my kids have never looked so happy! 
 I overhear them say things like, 'this is the best day ever!', 'this is like a real family!' or 'this red stuff (cranberry) is disgusting!'   

Last chance to use this Math Thanksgiving Freebie!  If you're lucky enough to be teaching on Monday,  (wink! wink!), or you just want to give your own kids something to do, 
here ya go!!
It's three different pages of addition, differentiated to meet the needs of all your first graders! 

I'm thankful for everyone that took the time to read my blog! Happy thanksgiving! 
Special thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up with your awesome blog! 

07 November 2015

I am a day late...sorry I just cannot!!! get a blog out on a Friday.  I don't know how you fellow bloggers do it.  Please message me your secret!  Either way, TFIS!
Here we go. (please forgive me!) 

Thanksgiving addition FREEBIE!  

I 'whipped' up this little resource for, well, whoever wants/needs it!  I am totally using this when I have a sub next week! lol. 
 I don't usually like for the sub to teach 'Investigations' so I leave practice pages.  The seasonal pages are fun and relevant.  
I differentiated these to suit the needs of my students!  Enjoy!

Science rocks.  The kids had a blast  practicing force and motion. Enough said. 
K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple...sweetie

I have to look back at my pictures on my phone to refresh my memory of the week!  Boy, am I getting old or are the weeks getting loooonnnggeeerr?  I  believe it's the latter.  (wink)  I don't have emojis on this keyboard, hence the wink.  
Jackpot!  Now I remember what I just did 2 days ago!  I attended an amazing Younglife banquet.  My oldest daughter attends YL and I just can't say enough about it.  In a nutshell, it's a 'come as you are, accepting, loving, faith based group'. It's nation wide, so check it out if you have teens or just want to volunteer!!  I promise you won't be disappointed! 
'Home grown' table was just gorgeous

Kate, Kristin and me!  (me on left!) 

I'm going to Seattle for the first time.  I hope I run into Meredith Grey or McSteamy.  Okay, I know he's gone, but maybe he is roaming the streets near my hotel.  fingers crossed!  GO HAWKS!
I'm super excited!  

And I will save the BEST for LAST.  TEACHERS.  Yes, I am also a teacher. But I have to give huge props to EACH AND EVERY TEACHER.  TRUE SUPERHEROES.  
  They truly love, inspire, educate, nurse, mentor and push our kids to do their personal best.  
PS.  This is only a few of us, but you ALL rock!   Angels, heroes, whatever you want to call them. Thank you God for our teachers.  

Enjoy this fall weekend friends.

16 October 2015


This is how I started my day.  I'm happy to report it was a mere 380 calories, (the most delicious 20 minutes of my day)...that's all I have to say about that.

So after a long week of hearing my youngest daughter beg me to take her to this movie, (Hotel Transylvania 2), I'm pretty sure it's going to happen this Sunday night, if she plays her cards right. ;)
At least I will get to stuff myself with popcorn, (in the dark, with a diet coke. )

Well, the kids got their school pictures back. You know, the ones we pay like $90 for, with the terrible 80's background?  My daughter wanted to wear the same dress she wore last year because she liked it so well.  Is that bad parenting?  Or is she a genius for saving me money?
Either way, she's adorbs.  

DOK questions cheat sheet.  I'm pretty surprised this product of mine is popular. Well, honestly, I thought I would be more likely to sell spelling word stuff and all.... but I guess all grade levels can enjoy a good DOK question stem! ;)
I keep mine right next to my desk!  It's so easy to make lesson plans with this and/or
keep it nearby while I'm teaching.  

For the fifth random thought, I will show you how I spent my fall 20 years ago in college. This, of course, is a photo I found online.  I don't know if,  'how I really spent my college days' is appropriate. LOL Juuuusssst kidding Mom and Dad!!!!  
This is The Waldo Library.  There is also a bar called Waldo's Tavern.  Most of my study dates were at "Waldo's". 
Western Michigan University...*sigh* oh sweet memories!

And here's my NOW picture.  We live in Florida where my son plays freshman football.  It was 88 degrees last night. Holy sweaty mom! 
However,  I will not be complaining come January!!  

Friends, teachers and teacher-friends, enjoy the weekend!  Thanks for coming over!!
A special thank you to Doodle Bugs for throwing this fabulous LINKY PARTY!

09 October 2015

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!Did I mention...

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!Did I mention...: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!! Did I mention that it's Friday??!!  Yahoo!  Time to break out the comfy pants and my Mac. (not ...
My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!
Did I mention that it's Friday??!!  Yahoo!  Time to break out the comfy pants and my Mac. (not mac and cheese, my friends!)

This completely sums up my weekends.  I'm pretty sure Ryan Gosling wrote this for me! :)
My favorite Bath and Body Works candle is called, Autumn (see #4).  I live in Florida, but I feel like I'm back in Michigan frolicking in an apple orchard when I burn this!

Okay, the FREEBIE   that I told you about is here!! Click on the picture, or word (FREEBIE)  and your kids will want to write, write, write!!  
I set out a cute little mailbox, an example of a letter and these FREE papers and voila!
Everyone wants to write each other and their teacher a letter!  I got a letter yesterday that said, Dear Mrs. Harwell, You are so funny!  (It was too cute AND.... She's my new favorite student!)
I hope your kids enjoy letter writing as much as mine do!!!

Writing center pages!  I finally finished this...
I'm a little slllloooowwww when it comes to creating new products for Teachers Pay Teachers.  But I did finish this writing center product, and my students DO love it!!  Yippee!  

Click here to get yours!! 

Here it is...the sweet smell of fall AUTUMN.  There's pretty much always a sale, 2 for $24, (even when the emails say, 'HURRY!  This sale is almost over!!')  Trust me, there's ALWAYS  a sale!
I highly suggest that you go run out and buy this now!!  You can thank me later.
And lastly, 

My adorable boys working together at the 'word work' center.  They were so proud of themselves for making so many words!!  I just love me some team work!!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
I will be sleeping in until my kids wake me up, then, drinking a pot of coffee while I mindlessly surf Pinterest and/or watch The Food Network, multi-tasking on the phone with my sister from Chicago and wandering aimlessly around my house pretending to clean.  
and I'M LOVIN' IT!!!! 

Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up with you!!