07 November 2015

I am a day late...sorry I just cannot!!! get a blog out on a Friday.  I don't know how you fellow bloggers do it.  Please message me your secret!  Either way, TFIS!
Here we go. (please forgive me!) 

Thanksgiving addition FREEBIE!  

I 'whipped' up this little resource for, well, whoever wants/needs it!  I am totally using this when I have a sub next week! lol. 
 I don't usually like for the sub to teach 'Investigations' so I leave practice pages.  The seasonal pages are fun and relevant.  
I differentiated these to suit the needs of my students!  Enjoy!

Science rocks.  The kids had a blast  practicing force and motion. Enough said. 
K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple...sweetie

I have to look back at my pictures on my phone to refresh my memory of the week!  Boy, am I getting old or are the weeks getting loooonnnggeeerr?  I  believe it's the latter.  (wink)  I don't have emojis on this keyboard, hence the wink.  
Jackpot!  Now I remember what I just did 2 days ago!  I attended an amazing Younglife banquet.  My oldest daughter attends YL and I just can't say enough about it.  In a nutshell, it's a 'come as you are, accepting, loving, faith based group'. It's nation wide, so check it out if you have teens or just want to volunteer!!  I promise you won't be disappointed! 
'Home grown' table was just gorgeous

Kate, Kristin and me!  (me on left!) 

I'm going to Seattle for the first time.  I hope I run into Meredith Grey or McSteamy.  Okay, I know he's gone, but maybe he is roaming the streets near my hotel.  fingers crossed!  GO HAWKS!
I'm super excited!  

And I will save the BEST for LAST.  TEACHERS.  Yes, I am also a teacher. But I have to give huge props to EACH AND EVERY TEACHER.  TRUE SUPERHEROES.  
  They truly love, inspire, educate, nurse, mentor and push our kids to do their personal best.  
PS.  This is only a few of us, but you ALL rock!   Angels, heroes, whatever you want to call them. Thank you God for our teachers.  

Enjoy this fall weekend friends.

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