21 November 2015

Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this weekend is just  one long fall break to me!!
Let's get this party started!

I went to Seattle a few days ago and what do I  remember?? The coffee!!  Yes, the Seahawks, Space Needle, rain, all those things impressed me. But, this work of art was as delicious as it was pretty!  #coffeetalk

The Public Market.   Can you even believe that this bouquet was ten dollars!!!??? 
 Merry Christmas to me!! This picture doesn't even do these flowers justice.  It's worth the 5 hour airplane ride just to get these for $10.  

So, I got these cool lasery finger lights for my reading groups!  I will do ANYTHING to make them read!!  My students absolutely LOVED these!!  I bought them at World Market for around $5.  Last month, witch fingers, this month finger lights.   Next month, who knows?? Maybe reindeer paws.  hee hee... 

 Every year I push all the tables together and gather my first grade family around for some of 
 Mrs. Harwell's home  school cooking!  I'm telling you, my kids have never looked so happy! 
 I overhear them say things like, 'this is the best day ever!', 'this is like a real family!' or 'this red stuff (cranberry) is disgusting!'   

Last chance to use this Math Thanksgiving Freebie!  If you're lucky enough to be teaching on Monday,  (wink! wink!), or you just want to give your own kids something to do, 
here ya go!!
It's three different pages of addition, differentiated to meet the needs of all your first graders! 

I'm thankful for everyone that took the time to read my blog! Happy thanksgiving! 
Special thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up with your awesome blog! 

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