18 December 2015

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Fri...

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Fri...: Aharwell The Teacher Mom: Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee... : Well it's not really Friday anymore...but this wee...

Five for Wednesday  Friday!!

Soooo. I'm so very tired and feel like I'm going to pass out...so I figured I'll start my 'Five for Friday' on Wednesday.  Yes.  Today is Wednesday.  It's quiet for a minute.  The kids and husband are not home and all is quiet.  And nooowwwww. the animals are fighting.

There they are.  Brothers from another mother.  Cute.  But I need quiet.  It's been a long week.  Also, my air conditioning unit stopped working tonight.  Yes... my air.  I live in Florida.  We don't celebrate snowstorms here.  So, I must sit very still at my hot laptop and not have to get up to break up fights.  Thanks Chewy
 and Finn! 
I adore my students.  I really do.  However, some of my students  just do not remember how to follow rules during this festive time of year!   Grrrr..  
Certain ones struggle with, how to listen for more than 2 and half seconds and think it's okay to shout out everything that pops into their head!  
January = start RULES from scratch.  I may be adding some new rules....like, DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE WHEN I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU! ;)
or better yet, get a tissue!!  We could even throw in, And don't even think about eating it!!!!  

Which leads us to this perfect little freebie.  Here you go... CLASSROOM RULES, (in case you need to review).  ;)
You're welcome.  
There will be many memories made over the break.  My students love to talk about their weekend,  winter break, etc. So why not put it on paper!? 
I have created this 'Snapshots of Winter Break' packet.  It's ideal for grades k-2, but could be used for third as well.  You can grab yourself one here!

This will be perfect when you return after the winter break! (Not that you're even thinking that far ahead!!:)  But...I know us teachers can't go 2 weeks without planning!

POOF!  It's Friday!  The magic of technology.  I wrote the first part of this on Wednesday and now I'm finishing this off, just in the 'St. Nick 'of time! (cheesy Christmas play on words #exhaustedhumor) 

As a teacher, mom, wife, sister, friend, (the list goes on)...I often get so caught up in getting caught up!!!  So, last night, I got to watch my daughter dance.  (Parent observation week in her dance class.)
 The rat race stopped for a few minutes as I watched her dance to Bruno Mars', Talking to the Moon. 
*sigh* Just precious! Thank you God! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!  Thanks for stopping by!
Also, a huge shout out and thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up!  

Luke 2: 1-20