16 October 2015


This is how I started my day.  I'm happy to report it was a mere 380 calories, (the most delicious 20 minutes of my day)...that's all I have to say about that.

So after a long week of hearing my youngest daughter beg me to take her to this movie, (Hotel Transylvania 2), I'm pretty sure it's going to happen this Sunday night, if she plays her cards right. ;)
At least I will get to stuff myself with popcorn, (in the dark, with a diet coke. )

Well, the kids got their school pictures back. You know, the ones we pay like $90 for, with the terrible 80's background?  My daughter wanted to wear the same dress she wore last year because she liked it so well.  Is that bad parenting?  Or is she a genius for saving me money?
Either way, she's adorbs.  

DOK questions cheat sheet.  I'm pretty surprised this product of mine is popular. Well, honestly, I thought I would be more likely to sell spelling word stuff and all.... but I guess all grade levels can enjoy a good DOK question stem! ;)
I keep mine right next to my desk!  It's so easy to make lesson plans with this and/or
keep it nearby while I'm teaching.  

For the fifth random thought, I will show you how I spent my fall 20 years ago in college. This, of course, is a photo I found online.  I don't know if,  'how I really spent my college days' is appropriate. LOL Juuuusssst kidding Mom and Dad!!!!  
This is The Waldo Library.  There is also a bar called Waldo's Tavern.  Most of my study dates were at "Waldo's". 
Western Michigan University...*sigh* oh sweet memories!

And here's my NOW picture.  We live in Florida where my son plays freshman football.  It was 88 degrees last night. Holy sweaty mom! 
However,  I will not be complaining come January!!  

Friends, teachers and teacher-friends, enjoy the weekend!  Thanks for coming over!!
A special thank you to Doodle Bugs for throwing this fabulous LINKY PARTY!

09 October 2015

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!Did I mention...

Aharwell The Teacher Mom: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!Did I mention...: My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!! Did I mention that it's Friday??!!  Yahoo!  Time to break out the comfy pants and my Mac. (not ...
My very first FIVE FOR FRIDAY!! YAY!!
Did I mention that it's Friday??!!  Yahoo!  Time to break out the comfy pants and my Mac. (not mac and cheese, my friends!)

This completely sums up my weekends.  I'm pretty sure Ryan Gosling wrote this for me! :)
My favorite Bath and Body Works candle is called, Autumn (see #4).  I live in Florida, but I feel like I'm back in Michigan frolicking in an apple orchard when I burn this!

Okay, the FREEBIE   that I told you about is here!! Click on the picture, or word (FREEBIE)  and your kids will want to write, write, write!!  
I set out a cute little mailbox, an example of a letter and these FREE papers and voila!
Everyone wants to write each other and their teacher a letter!  I got a letter yesterday that said, Dear Mrs. Harwell, You are so funny!  (It was too cute AND.... She's my new favorite student!)
I hope your kids enjoy letter writing as much as mine do!!!

Writing center pages!  I finally finished this...
I'm a little slllloooowwww when it comes to creating new products for Teachers Pay Teachers.  But I did finish this writing center product, and my students DO love it!!  Yippee!  

Click here to get yours!! 

Here it is...the sweet smell of fall AUTUMN.  There's pretty much always a sale, 2 for $24, (even when the emails say, 'HURRY!  This sale is almost over!!')  Trust me, there's ALWAYS  a sale!
I highly suggest that you go run out and buy this now!!  You can thank me later.
And lastly, 

My adorable boys working together at the 'word work' center.  They were so proud of themselves for making so many words!!  I just love me some team work!!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
I will be sleeping in until my kids wake me up, then, drinking a pot of coffee while I mindlessly surf Pinterest and/or watch The Food Network, multi-tasking on the phone with my sister from Chicago and wandering aimlessly around my house pretending to clean.  
and I'M LOVIN' IT!!!! 

Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for letting me link up with you!!