14 March 2015

'The Candle'

Oh wow!  No blogging for a whole month!  I guess it's time to come out of hibernation!
Spring has (almost) sprung and I am LOVING my new Bath and Body Works 'Island Magarita' candle!  You really should go run out and buy one or two right now!..unless, you have a husband that doesn't appreciate a good sale.

So,  Layton and I went to Blu Sushi for the Yummiest meal ever!  Here he is, posing with sushi.  
Sugar mama rolls! 
Then, here we are looking all happy, BEFORE Layton discovered how much money I spent at Bath and Body Works on the above candle. 
He just doesn't get it...However, I did walk away with the following: 

~Two tropical 3 wick candles, 4 smelly hand soaps, and a bucket of goodies.  Smelling good isn't cheap! 
You DO NOT want to see his 'after' face.  ;(

The moral of the story for me is:  Don't shop with your husband! 

Spring break 2015 plans: 

-I am planning on creating more Teacher Pay Teachers products over the break, and just recharging before going back to work.  I know I will be a better teacher, wife, mom, sister, friend, blogger... :) once I get a few good days of coffee and The Today Show!! 

-Taking my 15 year old to get her wisdom teeth pulled! *Ouch* 
-Thanking God for His blessings! :) 

 Enjoy your week, your family, your sweet smelling candles, and thanks for stopping by my world.