10 February 2015

So...welcome February!!  Hearts, candy and mold everywhere!

Ha.  Living in Florida, can be a playground for mold!  As I type to the lull of the drying fans and hepa filters, I hope that I can keep everyone healthy while this work gets done ASAP!
Today I want to tell you about the BEST. NIGHT. CREAM. EVER!!
Nerium AD.  I'm not just a customer, I'm the president!   (just kidding), but I AM a partner!
I am so busy with teaching, TPT and being a mom/wife, etc.... that I sometimes forget to tell the world how A.Mazing it is!  
I use it every night.  I am pretty fussy about what I put on this face. (lol), but I know this
makes the texture and overall look and feel of my skin so much better.
It's fairly new (about 4 years old).  I have samples if anyone wants to try it for a week!
Or just go to my website:


and check it out for yourself.  You can order a combo pack for $150 which includes:
night cream, day cream and The Firm (to smooth skin i.e.:  cellulite!)
You won't be sorry. 

Ps.  For you Bachelor fans out there...I think the 2 on 1 date went well.  Two women, one rose, nobody stays, both goes.. (okay..so it's not grammatically correct, but it rhymes! ha)
Happy Tuesday! 

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