31 July 2015

B2S (Back to School)

125 × 125

Yep! It's that time again!  TPT (and I) :) are having a back to school sale!  Every product in my store will be 20% off Starting August 3rd-4th!

As a first grade teacher, I am constantly teaching, reviewing, checking and rechecking the students' sight words with them!
I put this together to help the process go smoothly.  The students REALLY enjoyed it!

I used this last year, but am adding MORE to my lessons and resources.  I am in the process of finishing a fabulous sight word pack.   It gives the beginning reader  a sentence to go along with the sight word so they can see it used in context.
There are only 10 words per page to make it a 'digestible bite', not to overwhelm the student.  ***Marzano would be proud!****
Ps. This is Domain 1, DQ (Design Question) 2, Element 9, 'Chunking Content into Digestible Bites'.
:) You're welcome!

I am soooo excited to be getting a blog makeover next month!  It's going to be HUGE!!!
So stay tuned for that.

Also, I just returned from the WINDY CITY!!  My sisters, mom and I met downtown for some food and shopping!  I am going to sift through my pictures and airbrush my wrinkles out before I post them.
 LOL...JK on the airbrush, but I will use filters and work my magic!  
BTW...That was Oprah's trick...great lighting.  It does wonders!  **Don't judge ;)

Talk soon.  Thanks for popping in.

13 July 2015

I’m on my way home from an inspirational TPT conference.  As I say goodbye to Vegas, I am getting ready to say hello to a new way of looking at TPT.  For those of you that didn’t get an opportunity to attend this year, I will share what I thought (or at least remembered:) about it! 

First off, I was very impressed with those fellow sellers that were smart marketers, whether they passed out cards attached to M & M’s, or large buttons and shirts, it got my attention right away!  I would definitely make a large button to add to my attire if I were to attend again!  (Zazzle is the place to get them!)  

Next,  I was extremely impressed with Chris Kesler, from Kesler Science.  He was the very last session that I went to and O.M.G!! Soo glad that I did!  He didn’t mess around.  He laid it all out with information galore and exudes an energy that I need to bottle and sell!

I also want to give a shout out to my favorite seller/blogger/teacher, Cara Carroll!  

When I saw her sitting in the hallway right before the presentation, I said, ‘Cara!?’ like I knew her and asked to snap a quick pic with her!  (hello stalker!:)  She was completely adorable, just as I had hoped.  *sigh*

Another person that I couldn’t wait to see was the one and only, Deanna Jump!!  She is high energy and her partner Dee Dee Wills is hilarious and together they’re just awesome!  
They shared ideas about creating and little techy tidbits as well!  

I also discovered that TPT was not the ONLY conference at The Venetian.  The UFC was there as well.  I did get a picture with a UFC fighter as I was headed to get my morning coffee and croissant.  *No picture due to my bed head! *
 His name is Shawn Jordan and was a total gentleman.  I think he inspired me to change my logo and TPT name to Aharwell, The Savage! (Just kiddin')

Two more A. Mazing things we did:
1.  We went to Giada's restaurant.  It was beautiful and delish!!
2.  We were Mariah Carey groupies and her show ROCKED!  Yep, that's right.  Her voice is like Butta!  Mimi does NOT disappoint! 

Well, as I check my emails, it dawns on me that Staples and Target have ‘Back to School’ ads that make me want to run out and buy folders and begin labeling and planning my first week.  These are the big questions for me to ponder,  red or blue homework folders?  Orange or green ‘Finish Folders’?  So many decisions that I can’t wait to make!! 

 I'm leaving you with a few pictures from my awesome trip!  
Not your typical hotel! 
Makin' it Happen at Mariah! 
My bestie and me at The Venetian

Welcome to Giada's!

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Either way, enjoy.  
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Thank you for stopping by!  :)
~Angie Harwell