15 January 2016

I'm sooo glad that I didn't win the POWERBALL!  I just heard that 75% of the winners lose their money within a year (or something like that.)  That's all I needed to hear.  And now there's a creepy 20/20 story on the how winning isn't always a positive life changing experience.  Oh dear. 
That being said, I would totally take a few hundred thousand, just nothing over a million.  :)
ALTERNATIVE SEATING in my classroom!!
I did it!  I lowered a table and made 2 of them standing tables!  I got the idea from 
GREG,at The kindergartensmorgasbaord!  His blog popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, so I hopped on over and checked out his amazing page! He doesn't know it, but we're best friends now!  I don't know him, haven't met him, but he has super great ideas for the classroom.
I don't even have a picture of it.  Ugh!  So just imagine a table without legs.
I went to Walmart and bought cheapie little bathmats.  They're light blue and soft, so the kids love them too!
I let the students choose a seat for now, so I can get a chance to see who gravitates where. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the lowest table, where they can sit on the floor.  I mean, I know I couldn't sit still in a regular chair all day!  
I'm still working out the management side, so if anyone has tried it and has tips, I'd love to hear about it!
When I thought about writing this blog, I said, Angie, don't you dare write about work, TPT, etc.  Keep it light and fluffy.  
'Breezy' to use a word from Nate Berkus.  
So here's my new secret little obsession.  I want to look like these girls and live like them. They live in California and own this awesome business and basically wear yoga pants all day.   
The only problem is, they're 20 or 30 years old.  So, I think I'm old enough to be their mom...??  Anyhoo, I begged my husband to buy me the TIU (that's code for tone it up), nutrition plan.  I printed out all the materials that I paid to download.  The meal plan looks...well, sparse....so I thought I'd supplement it with my own meal plan (for now.:) However, I am LOVING!! the workouts.  I do the Kettle bells with Katrina.  She's on the beach in her bikini, and I'm in my living room in my mom uniform (black capri sweats and a tank top.)
But after 20 minutes of sweating with these girls, I'm pretty sure I'm starting to look like them.  
This is my cute little daughter, Faith.  This is a picture of her on the day that I stayed home with her because she was 'sick'.  Actually, she had a fever on Monday, so she stayed home w/ my husband that day.  Tuesday she was fine and went to school.  Tuesday night, slight fever and headache.  So, I reluctantly put in for a sub on Tuesday night.  Wednesday, all better!  It was like musical fever.  Either way, it was nice to spend the day with her.  She did need the rest and it was a great day for Punky Brewster to wear winter boots and a sleeveless dress.  :)
I'm ending on a happy and peaceful note. 
It's been a long week, so I need to remind myself that the fruits of the spirit are:  Kindness, faithfulness, patience, joy, peace, gentleness, love, goodness and self-control.  

And lastly, thank you to this man for being an inspiration to all. 

Thanks for joining me tonight!  And a special thanks to:
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